Exhibition at The National

The Free Time project is part of the Handshake exhibition, showing at The National, 212 Madras St from 25 August to 16 September 2012.

The gallery component of my project is the Free Time toolkit.

The Free Time toolkit

For client peace of mind, and in the best traditions of the service industry, I will be wearing an official Free Time name badge when engaged in activities relating to the project.  There are five badges in the Free Time toolkit; one for each role on offer.

The badges are displayed an a shadowboard:

Visitors to the gallery can see what I’m up to, as the badge for that role is missing from the kit:

The toolkit is a team effort, built on barter and goodwill. Heartfelt thanks to  the artists.

Home Help badge from the Free Time toolkit
Vivien Atkinson, 2012 (Corian, sterling silver, steel)

Artist badge from the Free Time toolkit
Jhana Millers, 2012 (Visa Prezzy card, bronze)

Caregiver badge from the Free Time toolkit
Kelly McDonald, 2012 (Mild steel, sterling silver, 24 carat gold)

Technical Writer badge  from the Free Time toolkit
Matthew McIntyre Wilson, 2012 (NZ and UK coins)

Temporary Assistant badge from the Free Time toolkit
Sarah Read , 2012 (Resin, brass, sterling silver, steel)

Cards are available with my contact details. The gallery displays a running tally of the hours spent so far in each role.

Free Time supporter’s kit

The supporter’s kit is a souvenir of the project. It is a limited-edition pendant featuring images of the brooches, supporting material and an overview of the project. If you’d like to support Free Time, invest in a supporter’s kit; you get that feel-good glow AND help keep my car in gas. Win-win .

$10 brooches

Because jewellery is for everyone.


Better than a diamond brooch:  A WARM HUG

Tomorrow is another day:  HANG IN THERE

Stick with me babyTHE BEST IS YET TO COME

KIA KAHA / BE STRONG (a collaboration with Neke Moa)

THIS TOO SHALL PASS (a fundraiser for The National)

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