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Sarah Read – Technical Writer: Profile

My long career in technical communications has furnished me with solid experience in all aspects of the industry.

Needs analysis and solution design I have completed numerous consultancy assignments to provide high-level recommendations, proposals, publications plans and estimates.

Project management I have been an active project manager throughout my career. I am experienced in scaling projects to meet budget constraints, and often manage or work alongside in-house staff and/or third parties to achieve the best possible outcome from documentation expenditure.

Writing I have authored all types of document, from marketing material to technical guides.  Business areas include finance, manufacturing, utilities, IT, telecommunications and government services.

My approach to consultancy and project work is professional, collaborative and flexible.  I work hard to ensure that budgets, deadlines and quality objectives are met. Consequently, I build strong working relationships, and my career has been characterised by a high level of repeat business.


Key skills: (with a Christchurch focus)

  • Proofing, edits, rewrites, new documents
  • Form filling and letter-writing
  • CV advice/revamp
  • Assistance with business plans etc
  • Writing for the web


 CV: Sarah Read, Technical Author

Career summary: Following my apprenticeship I set up as an independent consultant. In the late 1980s, faced with a growing workload, I co-founded Manual Workers Ltd, a company of like-minded individuals with complementary skills. We worked with third-party specialists (designers, illustrators, translators) as required to provide user documentation, training and related services in the UK and Europe.

After moving to New Zealand in 1996, I worked largely on a freelance basis, but have retained my preference for collaborative solutions.  To this end, I seek out and foster mutually beneficial partnerships and joint ventures with clients and with other service providers.


1998 – now Freelance technical author, Wellington & London

1996-7:  Information designer, SYSDOC, Wellington

1995 -6: Freelance technical author, London

1993 -5:  Career break, birth of son

1989 – 92:  Founder, Director, Consultant, Manual Workers Ltd, London

1986 – 89: Documentation Analyst, Citicorp, London EC3

1986 Feb –Oct : Technical Author, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

1983 – 86: Trainee Technical Author, BCCI, London EC3

Click here to see selected consultancy assignments and project work (link)



To whom it may concern

 Re: Sarah Read

I can advise that Sarah Read has undertaken three technical document writing assignments for my team over the the past seven years. These assignments were as follows:

 Feb – June 2012  Designed, developed and loaded knowledge base material in regard to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 for Department of Building and Housing.

April – July 2011 Designed and developed knowledge base material in regard to the Unit Titles Act 2010 for Department of Building and Housing.

May – July 2005 Designed and developed knowledge base material in regard to the Building Act 2004 for Department of Building and Housing.

In all of the assignments that Sarah has undertaken for us she has been absolutely professional in the way she has approached the assignments. She has worked closely with us to get a shared understanding of what we are endeavouring to achieve in these assignments, and has met with me regularly during each assignment to keep me updated with progress and to get agreement on priority tasks within the scope of the assignments.

I have found Sarah to be very thorough in regard to all of the assignments we have given her and she has provided us with quality documentation every time we have engaged her services.

I have been extremely pleased with the finished product every time Sarah has worked for us. In fact her work in each of the above assignments has exceeded my expectations and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to engage the services of a technical document writer.

Dennis Bloomfield
Contact Centre Manager, Building and Housing Group, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment    

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