Bookings (now closed, sorry)

I will update this page at least twice a day. If you want to check on my availability, scroll down to the calendar; if in doubt call or txt me on 027 226 5736.


How to book

  1. Select the role you require (see the menu on the right; for each role you can see my key skills, my CV and a reference or two. Feel free to contact my referees if you want to check anything.
  2. Check the calendar below for available timeslots.
  3. Contact me (call or txt my cellphone 027 226 5736, or email me at to make your booking. When we have confirmed details I will give you a booking number; please note that bookings are only confirmed when you have this number.


Time worked so far:

  • Caregiver:  –
  • Artist: – 6 hours + 2 hours + 3 hours + 5 hours + 4 hours
  • Home Help: –1.5 hours + 4 hours
  • Technical Writer: – 1 hour + 3 hours +3.75 hours + 2 hours
  • Temporary Assistant: 5 hours + 6 hours+5 hours+6 hours + 7 hours
  • Activist : 1.5 hours



S 25 Aug: morning available. Noon-6pm BOOKED. evening available

S 26 Aug: morning available. 3pm-5pm BOOKED, evening available


M 27 Aug: 10am – 5pm BOOKED, evening BOOKED. Sorry, no time available

T 28 Aug: 9am – noon BOOKED, 1 pm – late BOOKED. Sorry, no time available

W 29 Aug: 9am – 11am available. 11.30 am – 4.30 pm BOOKED, evening available from 6pmtil late

T 30 Aug:  10am-3.15pm BOOKED. 5pm onwards AVAILABLE


F 31 Aug: 10am – 4pm BOOKED, evening available from 6pm til late


S 1 Sep: Booked10-noon,  12-4 BOOKED,  5 – late. Sorry no time available

S 2 Sep: 9am -1pm  BOOKED, 1pm-5pm BOOKED, 6pm til late BOOKED, sorry, no time available


M 3 Sep: 10 am – 5pm BOOKED, 6pm til late BOOKED; sorry, no time available

T 4 Sep: 9.15 am – 6pm BOOKED, evening AVAILABLE 7pm til late

W 5 Sep: 10 am – 4pm BOOKED, evening AVAILABLE 6pm til late

T 6 Sep: 10 am- 4pm BOOKED, evening AVAILABLE 6pm til late

F 7 Sep: BOOKED all day; sorry no time available

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